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Wed Aug 28 12:24:57 PDT 2002

	The only thing that I can see that is missing from all of the replies 
that might affect you with Redhat 7.3 is the "boot message."  In 
lilo.conf, there is a line "message=/boot/message" that causes a 
graphical kernel selector to appear (instead of the "boot:" prompt).  It 
says "Press Ctrl-x for text mode".  I was unable to get to "text mode" 
(the "boot:" prompt) by pressing Ctrl-x from my serial console (nor 
could I see the graphical selector) and, as a result, could not select 
the kernel or specify kernel parameters.  Although I don't plan on 
selecting different kernels or specifying kernel parameters very often, 
I might want to do this to get to single-user mode, for example.  If you 
run into this, you can get rid of the graphical kernel selector by 
commenting out the "message=/boot/message" line in /etc/lilo.conf (and 
rerunning lilo of course).

Gary Stiehr
gary at

Timothy W. Moore wrote:
> This should be in the Redhat docs...and if it is, I have been unable to 
> find it.
> I built an 8-CPU cluster, and because I am not a linux guru, took the 
> lazy route and used a KVM switch.  I upgraded my networking with GigE 
> that now occupies the riser slot...former resting place of my video 
> card.  I now want to upgrade to Redhat 7.3 without the benefit of a 
> video card and have no idea where to begin.  The first question is 
> I need a special card?  switch? The second question is 
> software...what files do I change to redirect the ouput to com2(?)?  If 
> there is an Idiot's guide (step by step) on the net, the URL would be 
> greatly appreciated.  Remember...I know absolutely nothing about this 
> topic.
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