What's the possible reasons for building SSH connection very slowly?

Ivan Pulleyn ivan at torpid.com
Sun Aug 18 09:58:11 PDT 2002

This problem is probably caused by the server trying to look up the
client hostname, not the client looking up the server address because
the connect() is in progress. So while he thinks his DNS is fine
because forward resolving works, reverse DNS is actually broken.


On 18 Aug 2002, Jim Meyer wrote:

> On Fri, 2002-08-16 at 06:56, Yudong Tian wrote:
> > I am seeing something similar. If I use "ssh ipaddr"
> > or "ssh hostname.domain", the connection establishes
> > quickly. But if I use "ssh hostname", it will take
> > about 1 minute to get through. My DNS server and hosts
> > files are fine. "ssh -v" shows it gets stuck at "ssh_connect". 
> Hmmmm. What's your /etc/resolv.conf file say? And what does "nslookup
> host" return? Finally, how long did that last bit take when compared to
> "nslookup host.domain"? This may not have anything to do with ssh.
> Cheers!
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