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Announcing M-VIA version 1.2b3 (beta)

The NERSC Future Technologies Group is pleased to announce the release
of M-VIA version 1.2b2, the third beta on the way to version 1.2.

Relative to the 1.2b2 release the main feature of this release is far
more stable support for SMPs, especially under 2.4.x kernels where the
1.2b2 release was nearly useless.

This distribution consists of three tarballs:
   mvia-1.2b3.tar.gz              M-VIA core distribution
   mvia-devs-2.2-1.2b3.0.tar.gz   Linux 2.2 driver set
   mvia-devs-2.4-1.2b3.0.tar.gz   Linux 2.4 driver set

The core distribution contains the source code for VIPL, the Kernel
Agent as well as the Loopback and ERing-class drivers.

The driver sets contain the Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet drivers
specific to the Linux 2.2.x and Linux 2.4.x kernels.

You will need to download both the core distribution and one (or both)
of the driver sets.  See the "INSTALL" in the top level directory of
the M-VIA core distribution for installation instructions.

This is a beta release of M-VIA 1.2, which will be released when the
code has been shown to be sufficiently stable.  Prior to a final 1.2
release we expect to improve the stability of some of the Ethernet
drivers.  This beta release contains all of the functionality expected
in the final 1.2 release.

For download instructions and release notes, see

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