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> oddly, this reads *exactly* like a msft press release.
> needless to say, the TCO/ease/managability claims are highly 
> disputable.

I'd have to agree here, it's more Microsoft spin.

If your a Microsoft user on this list you just went through MS's painful
upgrade program before August 1st and we're very happy about the extortion
payment.  Most customers I spoke to were very happy about upgrading...not.
They're pissed, and are now looking at finding a Linux solution.  

In fact we're starting to see a serge in high schools looking at Linux.
Why?  Slashed school budgets.  Not everyone is Cornell.  Total Cost Of
Ownership.  There is none on Linux.  All a savvy school administrator has to
look at is the tool set that comes with Linux, free compilers, source code,
now office options.  The list is endless.

The reason Microsoft is partnering with Cornell is simple, very visible,
prestigious college, great pr.  And I'm sure they did quite a bit of coding
to make it work.

Furthermore, if they can get someone to believe their spin even better.
Microsoft can rent/sell the cluster software to the sucker on a yearly
basis.  Anyone following MS new .NET plan?  The beauty here is you never get
to own it.

Microsoft .NET Applications Development and Consulting, found at
Work with our staff on creating custom .NET applications. Already, we have
.NET applications running seamlessly in the background on our HPC clusters.

Note: same will apply on the next version of the XBox. Bill Gates, will one
way or another, get into your home, if it's not the XBox it'll be web TV.

Another satisfied Microsoft customer in the UK...not.

At you'll find another
interesting article on MS licensing, Microsoft 'hoovers millions' from UK
schools - update.

Another $$$ plug for LINUX.  This article matches up with the July 2002
cover story in Linux Journal on ILM and LINUX.

This is just success story among the hundreds of Linux clusters out there.

I've been building and selling clusters since 1998 and some are still up and
running.  The one that aren't were replaced or upgraded.  We have a 250 node
dual processor PIII-750Mhz cluster at a large financial institution in New
Your that has a 100% uptime of over 1200+ days.  There is no way MS can
compare or compete on stability.  

Have to admit, it's good marketing and someone will buy it.  But most will
see past the smoke and mirrors.

How's that saying go?  "Buyer Beware"


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