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Rajkumar Buyya raj at cs.mu.oz.au
Wed Aug 7 02:35:06 PDT 2002

Dear All,

I am forwarding this message as I believe that it will be interest to 
some of you. Particularly:
Libra: Economic-based Scheduler for Service-Oriented Cluster Computing
You can find a link to it from:
It is currently implemented as a plug-in scheduler for PBS.

A short message on this work that I posted to TFCC discussion list is
given below. Of course if you like to extend/collaborate on future work
of this project, you are welcome:

I would like share information about our recent work on cluster
scheduling and seek your comments on the same [This is also an attempt
to apply our previous work (for the past 3+ years) on Economic paradigms
for Grid Computing, more about which can be found at:

In an attempt to apply Economy and user QoS requirements driven
mechanism for Cluster resource management and scheduling, we created a
new scheduler (called Libra, a component of Gridbus). It essentially
allows users to submit jobs to cluster in normal way, but users have an
opportunity to add two more parameters: "deadline" and "budget" to their
"job script" before submission. We found that this approach is able to
complete more jobs within deadline than without it. Additionally this
approach provides incentive for users for submitting a job to cluster
with relaxed deadline. This initial concept is being demonstrated by
implementing a pluggable Libra scheduler for PBS (and currently porting
it to SGE). A technical writeup on this can be accessed from:
http://gridbus.org/ [click on Libra or it can be directly accessed
from: http://buyya.com/papers/libra.pdf]

I personally believe that a service like this at cluster level will help
in providing an enforceable QoS services and supporting so called
"service-level agreements", a term quite often used within Web services
community I guess.

Comments (even collaborations) are welcome and appreciated as this is an
ongoing effort.

Rajkumar Buyya
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