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Fri Aug 2 07:00:10 PDT 2002

  Generally, one aplication will not run faster in any multiprocessor
computer than in on with one processor.

  Still, if you need to do "more or less" the same but millons of times, a
beowulf could made it much more faster, but this is not the purpouse of a
beowulf. Usually in a bewulf you can run ONE progrm much faster than in a
one processor machine, but the program must be written with paralelization
in mind, that generally means that you have to write it using MPI, PVM or
other paralellizing tool.

  If you are not going to write your own code I think that a beowulf wont
help you.


On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 04:42:37AM -0500, dave willis wrote:
> i am considering building my own cluster, but i'm not sure of the
> usefulness of it. will i, in effect, have just a computer that does
> everything i normally do at many times the speed, or are only certain
> types of applications helped by clustering? do programs need to be
> modified to benefit on a beowolf cluster? the things i'd like to do are
> audio/video encoding, editing, and synthesis, have syncronised soundcards
> so that i can have dozens of analog audio i/o, and perhaps have a video
> wall (which i know can be done) or perhaps a 360 degree video setup using
> projectors. i also will need to use several parallel ports for analog
> input controllers i have built.
> thanks,
> dave willis
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