2U cases for dual MP1900+

Joel Jaeggli joelja at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Thu Aug 1 11:34:14 PDT 2002

> > hi ya
> >
> > i claim ... that the same problem that occurs for
> > 1U will also be a problem for cooling the cpus in 2U cases
> >
> > what you need to watch out for is to make sure the
> > cpu fan has enough air gap between the fan and the cover
> >
> > 0.5" for 1U cases is sorta a minumum requirement so
> > that the fan can do its magic in cooling the heatsink.
> >         - most fans are just too close to the cover
> >         and is just a noise maker ...

or place the fan on the side of the heat sink and blow through it...

The stock intel socket603 xeon heats sinks do this, although they're to 
tall for 2u cases... supermicro's 2u and 1u cases do the same although the 
1u's use rotatry blowers mounted off the board rather than fans mounted on 
the heatsink proper. 

used in conjunction with intake and exhaust fans and decent cable 
mangement an airgap on top of  the heatsinks should't be than critical...

> > mroe air gap above the fan is better ... and someplace
> > where the air after hitting the cpu can go elsewhere...
> >         ( something to suck the hot air off the heatsink
> >
> > have fun
> > alvin
> > http://www.linux-1u.net ... amd 1800+ of faster(?) in 1U ...
> >

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