Paper showing Linpack scalability of mainstream clusters

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Hi Roger,

What we mean by "mainstream" is that these could be your grandma's machine,
unmodified except for the Software.
Actually I-Cluster *is* the first cluster of this type to enter the TOP500.
Some PC-based clusters are already registered there of course, but they
cannot be called "mainstream": Most require specific (non-mainstream at
all!) connectivity such as Myrinet, SCI, Quadrix... Some are based on PCs
equipped with several LAN boards (not mainstream either).
If you restrict to off-the-shelf monoprocessor (excluding non-mainstream
Alpha, MIPS and such) interconnected through standard Ether100, no cluster
ever entered the TOP500 list. And I-Cluster is still the only one to be
there. Let me know if you think otherwise.

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> Sorry Scott, I sent you a wrong reference. The actual link is 
> Enjoy, 
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I'd be REALLY interested in hearing how you justify the following statement
in the paper:

"Being the first ones to enter the TOP500 using only mainstream hardware
(standard PCs, standard Ethernet connectivity)...".

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