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Sat Sep 29 13:32:55 PDT 2001

Nice try, Sam.  :)

But I'm of the opinion people usually want to buy beowulf nodes from an
established rackmount server vendor like my company...  particularly one
that has a web presence and onsite service waranty.

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Hi.  My name is Sam Harper, and I own a small system-building company
in Alpharetta, Georgia called Distortion Limited.  We primarily build
home computers and high-performance workstations, and are known by
word of mouth.  I've been on this list for a year now, and I've
watched people price shop for nodes on their Beowulfs.  Please excuse
me for this offer, but I'm interested in helping anyone with their
node requirements, and I feel fairly confident that I can offer a
much better price than major competitors.  I sell AMD [SDR or DDR
ram] and Intel [rambus or DDR ram] in both single and dual
configurations, and in mid-tower or rackmount chassis.  I look
forward to helping anyone with their node or server needs.  Thanks
again for your time.

Sam Harper
mudguy at
Distortion Limited

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