Linux cluster in commercial office?

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Thu Sep 27 07:06:31 PDT 2001

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 05:39:27PM -0400, Korsedal, Brian wrote:
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> look into clustering our PC's so that we can have an extra high performance
> server.  Each PC would still have to function as a terminal (office apps and
> the ability to run processes on the unix machines) but use the free CPU time
> to run simulations.  Is there any implementation of clustering software for
> this?  If there isn't, it would be an interesting thing to look into, there
> are many offices with computers that are barely used.  My CPU sits idle 95%
> of the time and it would be great to caputer the extra CPU cycles.  Does
> anybody have any thoughts about this or know how to make it happen?  
You should look into sun gridengine ( 
which has a nice mechanism for detecting idle time and running jobs when 
interactive idle time reaches a certain point. You can even schedule your 
workstations to become available for compute jobs after a certain time 
using their calendar function. They even have an appnote on how to do 
what you want to do (
We have recently (last few months) moved from OpenPBS to SGE and I must say 
SGE is quite nice. It is much more stable for us with our large job arrays.

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