Scyld and mpi FASTA Makefile Problems

Dean Lavelle dean at
Tue Sep 18 14:56:07 PDT 2001

I have almost gone completely mad trying to rework the Makefile for the
mpi FASTA under the Scyld operating system.  The small Scyld beowulf
system that I have constructed  works perfectly for the Linpack as well
as the mpi-mandel test applications. included in the Scyld
distribution.  However, I cannot seem to get the included Makefile  for
FASTA to compile.

Does anyone have a Makefile for the mpi enabled FASTA that compiles
under Scyld?

Any pointers would be immensly helpful (I wouldn be surprised to learn
that I have done everything incorrectly).

Much thanks,

Dean Lavelle

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