batch systems with job deps (afterok)

hanzl at hanzl at
Wed Sep 26 02:03:10 PDT 2001

> > What I would miss with make (and is easy with 'afterok' job
> > dependency) is the possibility of gradual creation of program to run -
> > usually I am just a few steps ahead with program debugging - previous
> > steps run while I prepare things which should follow (and once
> > prepared, I would like them to run as soon as the previous step is
> > finished).
> If your runs take an input file and generate an output file from the input,
> make should be able to see that it should not re-run already completed
> jobs.
> Thus, typing "make" again as your next task is ready should only result in
> the non-completed tasks being run.
> Or am I missing something ?

Typically, previous invocation of 'make' would still run when I have
the next steps ready. Typing "make" again at this moment would cause
both copies to work on unfinished step (second make would not wait as
it should). (Typically, I might finish the next step on friday and
would like it to be invoked during the weekend, as soon as possible.)
However there might be a simple solution (like one 'make' in loop,
until there is nothing to do).

I wonder why my needs seem to be uncommon - is it because you guys on
the beowulf list
 1) are not as lazy as I am and you have the whole program ready in time?
 2) you change data/parameters rather then programs?
 3) you have plenty of time and do not need to work in parallel with
    your cluster?

I do not beleive any of these, please tell me why you all are not
calling for job dependencies in any job spooling system :)



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