LSI PCI-X Fibre Channel Host Adapters?

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Tue Sep 25 12:57:53 PDT 2001

Brian wrote:
> > If a such NIC would ever exist, the expected improvement would be
> > close to Greg's guess.
>   If such a NIC were to ever possibly exist, would we be able to speculate
> on the possible time-frame for it's introduction (and requirements)?  All
> purely hypothetical guesses, of course, since such a NIC might, in fact,
> never exist.  Riiiight.

Right :-)

For all products, it's always a bad idea to speculate on the 
time-frame before production is ready to go.

I don't know if you are looking to delay your choice waiting 
for a such hypothetical product, but if Myricom decide to go 
PCI-X, it would definitely not be in 2001.


PS: I would be very carefull about early PCI-X motherboards. 
It's not easy to make a good PCI-X chipset (it's not easy 
to make a good PCI chipset today), and the learning curve will 
be steep for the vendors.

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