LSI PCI-X Fibre Channel Host Adapters?

Brian brian at
Mon Sep 24 21:07:07 PDT 2001

Hi guys,

  I'm spec'ing out a system for a lab here, and although we're most likely
leaning towards the eventual use of Myrinet, I also saw that LSI Logic has
a 2Gb/s PCI-X adapter, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience
with it?

  Also, back on the subject of Myrinet, (.. and I know a few of you Myri
guys read this list!..), is there anything remotely like a product roadmap
available, so I'd be able to plan out a time-frame for our purchases?  Or,
at the very least, know what sort of hardware I'd need?

  On a mostly unrelated note, I just saw something on a new (upcoming)
motherboard from Gigabyte, the GA-6MXDR, allowing for 2 x Tualatin CPUs,
and 8 GB of DDR RAM, and equipped with 2 PCI-X 64-bit 100/133Mhz slots.  
I prefer the Athlons, but hey, it still sounds like a pretty well loaded
boad.  (

  Thanks for any info,
  - Brian

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