multiple ethernet load sharing

alvin at alvin at
Sun Sep 23 14:09:47 PDT 2001

hi david

i hear that the ne2000 driver is a major pain and slow???
( transfers handled by cpu....vs onchip nic-based transfers
	ne2000 based cards - $15-$25...
	tulip based cards - $25...
	eepro100 based cards $45...
	( you'd get a bigger/better price performace for tulip/eepro

- if you wanna write stuff, i'd politely suggest using
  a tulip driver or eepro based drivers??

- transferring data at sustained 100/200/400 mbps becomes a (fun) problem

have fun

On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, David Bernick wrote:

> >
> >
> >i am trying to develop a ethernet driver for
> >using more than one ethernet card per machine so that
> >i can increase the speed of the network.i am writing
> >the driver for ne2000 ethernet card. can anyone help
> >in finding the necessary details relating to my
> >project. has anybody written the dirver for multiple
> >ethernet cards which transmit data simultaneously.if
> >so where can i find the source code.
> >
> check out things about "channel bonding" because that's the concept you 
> want.
> there's an open source product called FIREHOSE that does this. look 
> around on yahoo for it. i forget the company's name.

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