Python bindings for libbeostat

John Berninger John_Berninger at
Fri Sep 21 09:43:48 PDT 2001

Folks -

        Following tradition of pybproc, I've decided to write up Python
bindings for libbeostat functions and thought they might be of use to
others on this list, since I know they're of use to me.  If anyone's
interested in downloading / testing them, the packages can be found at; I've made up
binary RPMS, source RPMS, and a tarball, all with md5sums and GPG
signatures available for those who want to verify the downloads.

        This package is designed for Scyld's 27z-8 release; there are
packages for the 27bz-7 release at

        If there's sufficient interest, I may even do up some manual
pages and include them in the RPMS in future versions, although I've not
done so as of yet.

Thank you,
John Berninger

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