PVM: problem distributing on smp nodes with different number of processors

tekka99 at libero.it tekka99 at libero.it
Mon Sep 17 07:45:42 PDT 2001


I have several smp machines with pvm installed (3.4.3 on all).
They are Linux/x86 machines and Tru64/Alpha machines.

I read about "sp=" parameter to set in the pvm.hosts file, but it
semmes not to work in distributing slaves based on the number of 
processor of the machines.
For example I have this pvm.hosts

linux8000       dx=/usr/share/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=8000
fire2   dx=/usr/users/gcecchi/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=4000
fire1   dx=/usr/users/gcecchi/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=4000
aquila  dx=/usr/users/gcecchi/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=4000
falco   dx=/usr/users/gcecchi/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=2000
sds20a     dx=/usr/users/gcecchi/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=2000
ses40a     dx=/usr/users/gcecchi/pvm3/lib/pvmd sp=4000

the sp for each machine is the number of processors multiplied by
When I run for example pvmpov with nt28 (or also other values) it seems
that pvm does (number of hosts)/28 and then assigns equally to the 
slaves. So the 2 processors machines gets 4 slave processes and also
the 8 way machine gets 4 slave processes.
Anyone knows how to manage smp machines with different numbers of proc

Thank in advance.
Gianluca Cecchi

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