FAI (fully automatic installation) 2.2 released, new Beowulf support

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Sun Sep 16 04:30:09 PDT 2001

After several weeks of hacking and tests for a new Beowulf cluster,
here comes the next FAI release. Major improvements are:

- a new chapter and many examples and tools for Beowulf clusters

- a script for software package updates after initial installation,
  a first hack is .../utils/softupdate
- reorganisation of the source code, so it's more modular and readable
- hooks can skip the default task

The package is available at the FAI homepage


and also on the Debian mirrors in a few hours/days. Many thanks to
all, who gave bug reports, suggestions how to enhance FAI or other

FAI is a non interactive system to install a Debian GNU/Linux
operating system on a PC cluster. You can take one or more virgin PCs,
turn on the power and after a few minutes Linux is installed,
configured and running on the whole cluster, without any interaction
necessary. Thus it's a scalable method for installing and updating a
Beowulf cluster or a network of workstations unattended with little
effort involved. FAI uses the Debian distribution and a collection of
shell and Perl scripts for the installation process. Changes to the
configuration files of the operating system are made by cfengine,
shell and Perl scripts.

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