Claudio A. C. Fernandes cfernandes at
Mon Sep 10 13:20:48 PDT 2001

Dear Lists,
	I'm Brazilian student and I'm  working with beowulf cluster about six month 
	I have a cluster with 16 slaves (PIII 800 MHZ, 128 MB, HD 20 GB, 2 tulip  
ethernet  cards ) e and 1 master ( PIII 800 MHZ, 256 MB, HD 120  GB 3 tulip 
ethernet cards). I'm using channel bounding and  scyld linux 27bz-7 in master 
and slaves, but a install  the scyld manually in my system   ( make 
partitions , install the packages, .NFS. bproc., mpi.........) , but there is 
some problem in my cluster.  The beostatus and beostat  aren't working well. 
Both only show me the status ( up, down, halt .....) but don't show  status 
of cpu, net, disk, swap ...
	i thing is something with bproc, but i used several examples end they seem 
to work well.
	does anybore helps me solve this question ?

	another question ----- is possible i have two master in a cluster  working 
with bproc ?   
Thanks in advance

Claudio Fernandes
Universidade Federal do Rio  Grande do Norte - Brazil
mail :  cfernandes at  ,  cfernandes at   and 
ccosta at

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