Mulling over MTBF.

Carlos O'Donell Jr. carlos at
Wed Sep 12 06:04:21 PDT 2001


On a recent trend, I have been discussing with various
colleagues the aspect of power usage and power saving
in clusters.

At first, power saving, through node sleeping or drive
spin down, seemed like a good idea.

Though, I am wary about the following effects:

- Does spindown/spinup on common IDE drives effect MTBF?
 (Any drive for the matter)

- Does node sleeping/wakeup cycles effect MTBF for voltage
  supplies on the motherboard? (Or other componenets, through
  relaxation and transients).

I haven't seen any deep discussion about this. Though 
I may want to turn my eye towards a few electrical/computer
engineering papers on the subject.

Carlos O'Donell Jr.
University of Western Ontario

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