Price of a 24 cluster

Luismar Marques Porto LuismarP at
Sat Sep 8 01:08:29 PDT 2001

Dear Beowulf Angels,

Is there anyone out there willing to help me estimating the
price of setting up a 24 PC beowulf cluster with Intel P4, 2.0GHz, 
dual CPU, 1 GB RAM, 4x40 HD/node, including switches and a bridge 
for a ATM conection? 

I just need an estimate at this point, but any particular 
configuration with respective amount spent would be of a really 
big help, since I am in a hurry to submit a resarch project.

If you prefer, you could just tell me about your experience sending
a particular message to luismarp at

I really appreciate any comments and help.



Luismar Marques Porto
Laboratory for Biological Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
The University of Queensland           

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