Time Syncronization.

alvin alvin at iplink.net
Wed Sep 5 07:28:24 PDT 2001

I have a hand full of machines that I am using rdate to synchronize.

rdate seems to work reasonably well except for one macine that seems to
gain about 30 seconds a day. The problem I find is that when rdate is
run the date is just set back 30 seconds. Most times this is not a
problem but is looks like it has broken inetd and then until I restart
inetd nobody can use any services from there.

I am sure someone on this list has solved this problem. I have used NTP
in the past but have had mixed luck with various implemntations. I have
a feeling that some combinaton of rdate and adjtimex may work.

Any pointers or help greatfuly appreciated.

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