TFCC Membership Registration with IEEE CS!

Rajkumar Buyya rajkumar at
Thu Sep 6 02:44:12 PDT 2001

Dear Colleagues,

This is regarding membership for the:
   IEEE Computer Society Task Force Cluster Computing (TFCC)

IEEE TFCC is an international community driven forum for promoting 
cluster computing research, education, industry, and business. It provides a
venue for sharing and exchanging ideas and encourages collaboration among
members and participants. TFCC's activities include,
  * Organising and Sponsoring conferences such as: 
        IEEE Cluster:
        IEEE/ACM CCGrid: 
  * TFCC electronic Open Discussion Forum 
    (has more than 500 members as part of this forum)
  * Education Promotion and Book Donation Program
  * Publication of Quarterly Newsletters
  * Publishes CC White papers authored by leaders in the field
  * TFCC/ACM/CoRR Cluster Computing Archive:

Please see TFCC web site for further information on our activities.

IEEE TFCC Membership: FREE and Open to all:

We would like to invite and encourage you to formally join TFCC as members.
The TFCC Membership is FREE and open to both IEEE/CS members and non-members.
There are many benefits by becoming official members. Benefits include:
TFCC will be able to post you printed material by mail; You will "voting"
rights while resolving important issues including electing leaders,
assuming office upto the level of "TFCC Chair", benefit from book donation program, etc.

To become member, all you need to do is one of the following:

 1. Fill ASCII version of membership form and email to: mail.list at
 2. Fill PDF version of membership form and mail/fax to IEEE CS (as indicated in the
 3. Fill Online Form and hit Submit!

If you are not sure about becoming TFCC member in the past, we encourage to register
again as indicated in the above.

Special Request: If you would like to volunteer and actively contribute to any of 
our existing programs or have ideas for new activities and programs, please let us. 
TFCC will be glad to support and promote any activity that benefits its members 
and the community.

We appreciate if you can share this email with your friends and colleagues 
working in cluster computing.

Thanks for taking time to become TFCC member!

Best wishes
Raj and Mark
Co-Chairs, IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC)
Rajkumar Buyya
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Monash University, C5.41, Caulfield Campus
Melbourne, VIC 3145, Australia
Phone: +61-3-9903 1969 (office); +61-3-9571 3629 (home)
Fax: +61-3-9903 2863; eFax: +1-801-720-9272
Email: rajkumar at | rajkumar at
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