channel bonding rtl8139 works??

< Dragon > al303917 at
Mon Sep 3 12:40:55 PDT 2001

  Hi, does any body know if the RTL-8139 kernel module for the KNE120TX
works with channel bonding??

 I channel bonded 3 KNE120tx cards on 2 computers (3 cards per system) and
the comunication between them is very slow, I don't know if the problem is
in the rtl8139 kernel module (Red Hat 6.2)

 Does any body know which kernel module can I use for the KNE120TX that
will support channel bonding??

 I have a cluster bonded with KNE100TX cards using the Tulip kernel module
and they work fine.

 Any help is appreciated.

   Raul A. Gonzalez Olimon

   al303917 at 

   Universidad Autonoma de Baja California	

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