client working.( urgent , pls help me).

pramod ps piramid_ps at
Mon Sep 3 09:02:59 PDT 2001

i ,am doing a project in "BEOWULF CLUSTERS".
 the clients are remote booted using floppy disks.
 all arangements are made clear according to the instn
 given in cdrom.
  i've partitioned the client h/d remotely using the
instn- beofdisk -d & beofdisk -w.

then i restarted the machine after storing the
partition table to the client.

but when some program is given to execute in this
 environment , the client shows the message as
"vmadump : mmap failed". server shows something like"
connection reset by peer " etc.

clients are booted and can be made redy to execute. (
up & available are true).

is it anything reg with the fstab?  

please help me to solve this problem as early as

thank u ,

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