Help needed regarding Ethernet Switch

Sakthivel Narayanan svel_n at
Sun Sep 2 21:20:12 PDT 2001

Dear Lists,
        We are having a 20 node linux cluster with 
24 port 10/100 Mbps Intel EtherExpress 
510T (manageable & stackable) switch. We would like 
to add some more machines with the existing cluster.

I want to buy one more Ethernet Switch and stack with
the existing Intel 510T switch.

I need your suggestion for the following.

1. Can i go for one more Intel 510T E-switch with
stackable interface module and stack with the 
existing switch.

2. I have doubt, is it possible to stack two different
brands of switches.(Like Cisco & intel)

3. What are the pros and cons of stacking with the 
same brand or different brands.

4. What are the important technical specs, i should
look before buying and stacking a Ethernet switch 
with an existing one.

Please through some light on this, from your

Thanking you in Advance

N. Sakthivel
Institute for Plasma Research
Bhat, Gandhinagar - 382 428

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