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Andrew Shewmaker shewa at
Wed Oct 31 11:05:38 PST 2001


We have the same motherboard with 1.2GHz Athlons and 2GB of RAM.  We
have seen no kernel panics on any of our machines for about 26 days.  
We are using Mandrake 8.1 with its 2.4.8-26mdkenterprise kernel.  I 
believe it is an Alan Cox kernel.

How much swap do you have?  We have 2046MB.  I know that the kernels 
before 2.4.10 used a VM that wanted you to have twice as much swap as 
RAM, but that VM was replaced in 2.4.10 and I believe that it should 
require much less, so it looks like VM isn't the real issue.

I also compiled and ran Linus' 2.4.13 (for only a few minutes) and I 
saw no kernel panics.

Andrew Shewmaker

* J. G. LaBounty <jgl at> [011031 08:24]:
> We have been running some tests with the TYAN S2460NG motherboard,
> dual 1.5GHz AMD, and 2gb of memory. We are running a 2.4.9 kernel. 
> We get an occasional kernel panic running this system. Dropping back 
> to 1gb of memory and setting CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM, the system is rock solid.
> I have tried the 2.4.11 and 2.4.12 kernels but they panic frequently.
> Has anybody else on this list tried running the dual AMD's with more
> than 1gb of memory? What kernel are you using?
> John
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