mpich on scyld problems

henken henken at
Wed Oct 31 10:18:21 PST 2001

	I am tryign to test our scyld cluster with the cpi program. The
machinefile, "mfile" contains:

The command I am trying to run is:
mpirun -map 3:4:3:4 -v -machinefile mfile cpi

The output I get is:
running /home/henken/e2k/jobs/cpi on 4 LINUX ch_p4 processors
Created /home/henken/e2k/jobs/PI26817
Process 0 on eio5
pi is approximately 3.1416009869231254, Error is 0.0000083333333323
wall clock time = 0.026838

also, if I add a -t to the mpirun command, I get:
running /home/henken/e2k/jobs/cpi on 4 LINUX ch_p4 processors
Procgroup file:
3 1 /home/henken/e2k/jobs/cpi
4 2 /home/henken/e2k/jobs/cpi
rcp: /home/henken/e2k/jobs/PI26716: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/bpsh -n 3 /home/henken/e2k/jobs/cpi -p4pg
/home/henken/e2k/jobs/PI26716 -p4wd /home/henken/e2k/jobs

Does anyone know why the program is failing to run multiple times on the
SMP nodes? Or why it doesnt run on the bproc node4(eio6)?

Nicholas Henke

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