Supermicro P3TDE6

Ray Muno muno at
Wed Oct 31 05:55:34 PST 2001

This is a little off topic but I know a lot of people in this community 
use the Supermicro dual motherboards.

I recently received 3 machines built around the Supermicro P3TDE6 motherboard,
the dual Tualatin version of the 370DE6 Serverworks HE-SL based board. I have
over 50 of the 370DE6 and 370DER based machines in service and have had
few problems.

When I try to install Redhat 7.1 on these machines, they all seem to hang
when they try to access the SCSI disk.  At that point, I get disk timeouts
and the machine will not boot any further.  I have swapped disks around 
between the 3 machines and still see the problem.  I was able to load 
Redhat 7.2 as a test and it will boot occasionly.  At times, it hangs 
as well.

I am still looking in to this but just wanted to see if anyone has had 
issues with these motherboards.

We pulled a disk from a 370DE6 machine we have running FreeBSD and tried
it on one of the P3TDE6 machines.  It booted and ran fine.
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