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correct me if i am wrong, but i thought the tyan thunder had the dual
lan, scsi, and video on board and that the tyan tiger had none of
those.  the tiger appears to be going for just over $200 on pricewatch,
which is a nice savings over the thunder.

i've had great success with the tyan thunder board, but havent gotten a
tiger board yet.  i dont have the guts to put these athlons in a 1u
case, but the folks over at penguincomputing have made me at least
consider a 2u ;)



ps- here are some references......
On Mon, 2001-10-29 at 04:41, Steven Berukoff wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are in the process of considering machines for a large Linux cluster,
> and have received very nice performance results from the Athlon
> XP1800+.  Since we're somewhat limited by space, we'd like to consider
> dual-processor machines, but there seems to be only one mainboard
> available, the Tyan Tiger, which has a bunch of niceties like onboard
> SCSI that we simply don't want.  Does anyone know of other dual processor
> Athlon boards (which accept XP1800+ chips, so, Athlon MP) on the
> market?  If there aren't any, does anyone have news about the development
> of lower-end boards?
> Also, due to our space constraints, and to avoid incurring the cost of a
> rack-mounted solution, we're also interested in finding micro-ATX boards
> for these systems.  
> So, ideally we'd like a micro-ATX dual Athlon board.  Any information
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Many thanks
> Steve
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