Steven Berukoff steveb at
Mon Oct 29 01:41:02 PST 2001

Hi all,

We are in the process of considering machines for a large Linux cluster,
and have received very nice performance results from the Athlon
XP1800+.  Since we're somewhat limited by space, we'd like to consider
dual-processor machines, but there seems to be only one mainboard
available, the Tyan Tiger, which has a bunch of niceties like onboard
SCSI that we simply don't want.  Does anyone know of other dual processor
Athlon boards (which accept XP1800+ chips, so, Athlon MP) on the
market?  If there aren't any, does anyone have news about the development
of lower-end boards?

Also, due to our space constraints, and to avoid incurring the cost of a
rack-mounted solution, we're also interested in finding micro-ATX boards
for these systems.  

So, ideally we'd like a micro-ATX dual Athlon board.  Any information
would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

Steve Berukoff					tel: 49-331-5677233
Albert-Einstein-Institute			fax: 49-331-5677298
Am Muehlenberg 1, D14477 Golm, Germany		email:steveb at

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