list problems

hanzl at hanzl at
Mon Oct 29 00:56:14 PST 2001

> many of the problems the have been seen on the
> lists should be cleared up now.

The one which is not cleared might be misconfigured mailer at French
Compaq site, which is sending beowulf list mails back to the
list. These mails look like repeated mails from the original author,
but they come via or

You can locate these mails in your mh-like folder like this:

  ~/Mail/beowulf>fgrep -l *

First of these mails is a normal post from Nathalie Viollet
Nathalie.Viollet at, then her site started to make the mess.

Nathalie, please could you confirm that your mailer was repaired?

Peter, if you have no response from Nathalie by the time US wakes up,
please blacklist and



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