[PBS-USERS] SC2001 technical papers online

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 28 17:48:05 PST 2001

Sun will be there too, they are offering a FREE "Grid


I am not able to go to SC2001. However, it may be a
good chance for open source clustering tools (SGE,
PBS, Maui, MPICH, PVM, Sycld, PBSWeb) people to
meet/discuss their experience on clustering Linux/Unix
with opensource tools. Possible topics:

- what can PBS & SGE learn from each other?
- batch systems on beowulf.
- experience on large cluster installation.


--- "Brent M. Clements" <bclem at rice.edu> wrote:
> Btw, who all are going to Sc2001? Does anyone want
> to meet up one night
> and get a drink? I'll be down there the whole week!
> If I get enough
> responses we could get a lil shin-dig going..Let me
> know
> -Brent
> Brent Clements
> Linux Technology Specialist
> Rice University

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