Name mangling problem

Eduardo Melione Abreu melione at
Fri Oct 26 06:32:31 PDT 2001


When I try to build mpich- with ifc (intel fortran compiler)
I receive the follow warning when I execute "configure"

checking for Fortran 77 name mangling...
configure: warning: Cannot determine Fortran naming scheme

The result of command "nm -a libfmpich | grep mpi_init" is

0000000000000000 W mpi_init
0000000000000000 T pmpi_init
0000000000000000 W mpi_initialized
0000000000000000 T pmpi_initialized

Whithout any underscore.

How can I solve this problem?

PS.: I am using 

setenv FC f90
setenv F90 f90

where f90 is a link to ifc

Thanks for your attention

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