using mpich with ifc

Daniel Kidger Daniel.Kidger at
Tue Oct 23 06:21:58 PDT 2001


>I'm having a problem to compile a fortran 90 code with mpich
>libraries. My compiler is Intel Fortran 90 for linux (ifc), kernel 2.2  
>and the version of mpich is 

>Eduardo Melione. 

I too am now using ifc with mpich.
At first it didn't work - this is because our mpich expected a double
underscore on the Fortran calls.

sh-2.04$ nm -a /usr/lib/mpi/lib/libmpif.a |grep mpi_init
00000000 T mpi_init__

g77 and Portland can give a second underscore. Intel's compiler can't 
<However two weeks ago I requested the feature, and Intel replied saying
they try and include it in the next release :-)>

The fix I did was to rebuild mpich using ifc for the Fortran side (ie. only
a single underscore).
sh-2.04$ nm -a /usr/lib/mpi/lib/libmpif_1us.a  |grep mpi_init
00000000 T mpi_init_

All now works well.


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