SGEEE easily mistaken as commercial version

hanzl at hanzl at
Thu Oct 25 04:49:12 PDT 2001

I dare to rely Fritz Ferstl's answer which did not make it through
cause he probably is not subscribed. Hope you'll not blacklist me as
an offtopic SGE advocate :)   Vaclav

From: Fritz Ferstl <Friedrich.Ferstl at Sun.COM>
To: dev at
Cc: beowulf at
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:39:59 +0200 (MEST)

Hi Vaclav,

thanks for your message. You are right. We should have the availability of
both product modes in a more prominent place and we should make the
installation easier. We'll change that.

Thanks also for stressing that indeed the Grid Engine project has a strong
open source commitment and therefore provides access to all the available
technology through the very open SISSL license.

Thanks again for your interest in the project as well as for your comments
and clarifications.



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