Killer SCSI 1 TB fileserver

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Wed Oct 24 03:17:25 PDT 2001

Hi Bill,

Bill Broadley wrote:

> Enclosure:
>         Kingston data silo DS-500

That's very interesting, I was looking yesterday at the 
InfoStation: looks nice but a little bit expensive. 
Can you comment your choice for the DS-500 ? How much did 
you pay for it ?

> Adaptec 39160 in a 64 bit pci slot of a tyan thunder motherboard.
> Raid-0 performance: (114 MB/sec write, 130 MB/sec read)

The CPU load seems very high: this is RAID software only ? 
Your experience compared to RAID hardware ? I was unable to find 
a hardware RAID controller able to sustain 100+ MB/s RAID5, 
but I didn't test a lot of them.

> BTW I did build a 3ware 6800 + 8 EIDE configuration that was a complete
> failure, numerous crashes, multiple filesystems lost, very unsatifactory

Idem. Our 6800 + 8 Quantum IDE was finaly replaced by 29160 + 4 IBMs. 
The 6800 was resetting each 15 secondes under heavy load, and it would 
take 2-3 secondes to re-initialize. It was a pain.
The IDE disks have been recycled, and the 6800 is sitting on the floor 
in a corner. 

I wouldn't like to start an inventory thread here, but I cannot 
find a U160 disk that is clearly the best choice, the best ratio 
cost/perf. IBM's UltraStar looks fine, but Seagate and Fujitsu 
are in the same playground. Do the people on the list have a 
prefered Champion ? If so which one ?


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