Giganet vs. Myrinet vs. gigabit

Bob Campbell lindragoon at
Thu Oct 18 11:36:28 PDT 2001

what about ROMIO?

how does this perform with GM?

--- Greg Lindahl <lindahl at> wrote:
> > Anyone have experience with these high speed network devices? I'm
> > starting out with a 32 node cluster doing bioinformatics. The jobs
> will
> > be high I/O probably through NFS, thus the need for some high speed
> > connectivity between the nodes.
> Note that if you aren't using NFS, the answer can be very different.
> Let's say, for example, that instead of reading your databases via
> NFS, you copy them to your local disk using the "gmcp" program (which
> doesn't exist yet, but it works like rcp, only it uses gm). "gmcp"
> should have much lower overhead than NFS or rcp, so your networking
> might stop being the bottleneck, and instead your disks could be the
> bottleneck.
> As for systems actually using GM over NFS in production, the FSL
> system in Boulder does. Craig Tierney got it working, and I think
> they're happy with the stability.
> greg

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