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> On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 17:01, Bjorn Tore Sund wrote:
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> > My employer (Math. Dept., University of Bergen, Norway) have
> > instructed me to find a course, duration 1-2 weeks, on how
> > to build and maintain our very own linux cluster.  It seems
> > to be the only way I can get up to speed on the topic.
> > 
> I think SGI probably also do courses like that.
> Have a look at their web pages.

I used to work in the High Performance Computing Group at the University of
Manchester (which provides the main HPC service to all UK universities).
Last year, I organised and ran a two-week course on "Linux for HPC" . As
well as our own material, we had speakers from Daresbury, SGI, Scali,
Quadrics, Pallas, etc. 

A key part of the course was a practical exercise that ran for the whole two
weeks in which the participants were split into small groups and given some
old PCs, network cards, and a screwdriver. They proceeded to assemble the
cluster, install Linux, MPICH, PBS etc. By the end of the second week the
six group's clusters were connected together to make a larger cluster of 24
PCs and parallel jobs run across the whole system.

The details can be found at

All the course material is online as well as a version on CD.
I have now left that job, but you may wish to contact the University at
csar-advice at to  request access to this material or to see if and
when the course will be re-run.


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