1000baseTX gear

math at sizone.org math at sizone.org
Mon Oct 15 20:39:27 PDT 2001

Anyone got a bit of experience with 1000BTX? How does it compare to Myrinet
gear? (How does 1000BSX compare to Myrinet for that matter?) The 1000btx cards
are cheaper than Myrinet by a long shot, but the switches are still pricey
even for 1GbTX.

With a Flat Network Neighbourhood model, thats 4 8port switches for
16 nodes. Thats still pretty pricey, and its pretty hard to find
even 8 port 1GbTX switches. (Any suggestions for that and 16 port
switches? -- I guess FNN doenst make sense til the ratio of
8 port switches + N cards/node vs 8xN port switches + 1 card/node
is extremely low. I am not sure in this case it is yet).

SX gear and cards are expensive. A 16 port 1GbTX switch would be nice
(with SX uplink?) if it had full backplane bandwidth.

(Hopefully I've gotten all the terminology correct here. ;)


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