Cluster architecture for sequential applications

Jacques B. Siboni jacsib at
Sat Oct 13 02:25:15 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I'd like to put a general question here.

The use of the beowulf cluster i'm presently building is more to be used for
sequential applications than parallel ones.

Let me explain. I want to use a cluster to increase the power of the server.
That is to automatically distribute processes among the cluster each time the
server receives a client query.
This should work for all of the services the server provides. The services
need not to be specifically designed for parallel processing.

Therefore I need a cluster architecture, a message passing protocol and a
supervisor which decides what node is going to process the request. I need
some kind of distributed process id.

What I have to find is the transparent manager who can take care of grabbing
the client requests for services and direct them to a node idle enough to
handle it.

In other words I look for the architecture which emulate a multi cpu

I hope this is clear enough to be understood.

Thanks for your advises



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