Promise SuperTrak100

Sandy Harris sandy at
Fri Oct 12 14:08:45 PDT 2001

John Burton wrote:
> Greetings,
> Is the Promise SuperTrak100 supported in any way, shape or form under
> Linux (RH7.1) ?  I understand that in the most recent kernels there has
> been I2O support /drivers added that in some way support the
> SuperTrak100, but what kind of support is it?
> I had originally planned on getting a 3ware 7810 board, but 3ware
> stopped selling their entire line of RAID controller boards.  Anyone
> know a good alternative?  Basically I have already purchased 6 100GB
> ATA/100 drives and some HotSwap ATA cages and the 7810 was on order when
> my supplier informed me that the order was canceled because the board
> was recalled and not available...
> Suggestions? thoughts? help?

Adaptec have a couple of caching RAID IDE controllers, generally similar
to the Promise unit. I failed to find Linux drivers when I looked, but
that was months ago.

Can you just take a machine, put several of the cheap basic Promise
controllers which are supported in it, and let it do the caching?

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