Promise SuperTrak100

John Burton j.c.burton at
Fri Oct 12 13:20:38 PDT 2001


Is the Promise SuperTrak100 supported in any way, shape or form under
Linux (RH7.1) ?  I understand that in the most recent kernels there has
been I2O support /drivers added that in some way support the
SuperTrak100, but what kind of support is it?

I had originally planned on getting a 3ware 7810 board, but 3ware
stopped selling their entire line of RAID controller boards.  Anyone
know a good alternative?  Basically I have already purchased 6 100GB
ATA/100 drives and some HotSwap ATA cages and the 7810 was on order when
my supplier informed me that the order was canceled because the board
was recalled and not available...

Suggestions? thoughts? help?


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