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Tue Oct 9 20:16:10 PDT 2001

Sorry for the posting again, but it is time to defence
opensource products.

Please see the reply from Andy Schwierskott (attached
below), obviously one side is not telling the truth

Who is making the product a free-download, and who is
selling a similar product for money? 

It is not very likely that Sun lies, as it is giving
the product for free, not only on its own hardware,
but on all the platforms with SOURCE!!

> I can't imagine that a sales person would actually
> say something
> untrue. ;-)
> Please don't confuse the comments of one sales
> person with the tactics
> and opinions of a company as a whole.  

Again, who is making the product a free-download, and
who is selling a similar product for money?

> And that's why the LSF sales process consists of a
> 30-day demo. 

Andy Schwierskott reply:
I'm Andy Schwierskott from the Sun Grid Engine
engineering team. Thank you very much for giving me
the possibility to give you some answers to your

It is not our attitude to make negative comments about
competetive products. We are aware that out in the
field are several mature resource management products,
not only Platform's LSF, but a couple other products
as well. With Sun Grid Engine we can offer you a
stable product for free which is available for the
Solaris and Linux platform from Sun and through our
partners for many other Unix operating systems as

There is an old story used by some people who try to
say that Sun Grid Engine doesn't scale well. This
statement is simply not true. 

If you read Sun's statements about its committment to
Sun Grid Engine, you will see that there is exacactly
one important change in Sun's focus which happened
last year in July: Sun aqcuired Gridware to be able to
provide solutions for Grid computing. Since that time
Sun released the Gridware product as Sun Grid Engine
in September for Solaris and for Linux in January.
This year in july Sun published the complete Grid
Engine code under an open source license at 

This committent gives the community the certainty that
Sun will not withdraw its committment to the Grid
Engine technology. It also assures that support for
non-Solaris platforms will always be available. 

In recent press releases Sun pointed out its
comittment to Grid computing and how Sun uses Grid
Engine for its own product suite. E.g. see 

The Grid Engine team is alive and more active than
ever. There have been no layoffs in the Sun Grid
Engine engineering team. 

If you are interested in evaluating Sun Grid Engine,
please feel free to download and evaluate the
software. If you are interested in getting further
feedback from Sun, please send an email to 

ge-feedback at 

if you want to be contacted by us directly. 


Andy Schwierskott, Grid Engine Support, Sun

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