node status

Bob Campbell lindragoon at
Mon Oct 8 07:11:18 PDT 2001

Okay, thanks for all the viewpoints on NIS, looks like rsync
is the best way to go.

There was mention of ways to help recognise and sync downed
nodes. What I would like is a tool of some sort that would
keep a live status of all the nodes, and what state they are in.
These 'states' could be as simple as UP, DOWN, BOOTING, FAILED, etc.
I would also like this to insert and remove the hosts from the list
of available hosts.


Ok, I know Beowulf2 already has this. Beowulf2 looks to do all this
with bproc though, and I need to stay in userspace. For various
reasons I need to stay with vendor supplied kernels so I cant
compile bproc in.

any thoughts on this, or anyone know of any software with similar

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