Nordwall, Douglas J Nordwall at
Fri Oct 5 08:38:00 PDT 2001

yea, but they don't let us touch it ;) 

we also have colony, with is a 100+ node dual p3 one that we might be able
to get some time on. Of course, most of the people on that run their
computational stuff over the cLAN, so all the NIS/NFS does not interfere
with it nearly as much

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> On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 07:52:52AM -0700, Nordwall, Douglas J wrote:
> > Tim and myself will get to experience a larger cluster here in not
> > too long. A 64 node jobbie. We'll run appropriate tests on it as
> > well (as well as doing some benchmarking aka seti at home :)
> Doesn't PNL own a very large IBM SP? That's a cluster. Not a commodity
> cluster, but still a cluster.
> greg
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