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Thu Oct 4 16:18:58 PDT 2001

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> BTW, by slaves, do you mean "slave servers" or "clients"? There's a
> big difference. Having lots of slave servers means a push takes a
> while, but queries are uniformly fast.

I meant clients.

1 master, 50 clients.

The environment on the Sun side wasn't a cluster. 50 desktops. Never had
complaints about authentication delays. I just haven't seen these huge NIS
problems that everybody complains about.  Now if you were complaining
about NIS+.. then we could agree on things :)

The beowulf was running mosix and would have some problems related to
mosix, but never saw any NIS problems when the cluster was loaded up. Of
course most jobs took a fair amount of time to run. If you were running
1000 small jobs in a couple of minutes I could imagine having problems
authenticating against any non-local mechanism.

Our current cluster builds use for clustering
software. This system uses NIS.  I know it is odd to hear of any other
system than Scyld on this list,  but we have had good luck with NPACI


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