FW: some comments overheard by Platform Computing rep

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 13:00:41 PDT 2001

Have anyone heard something similar before?


> Date Posted: 04-oct-01, 10:44
> Posted by: Sam Mingolelli  
> I was just at a Kodak sponsored 2 day conference 
> which had a platform computing booth at it. A rep. 
> who shall remain nameless apparently made some 
> negative comments about gridware that I would like 
> to get your feedback on. He said the usual stuff 
> that companies say like there product is better and
> also tried to use the scare tactic saying that 
> gridware doesn't scale as well or have the level of 
> reporting that LSF does. Given our needs and 0 
> experience with clusters as a whole, we've been 
> pleased with the setup/performance/functionality 
> that is available in Gridware. Anyway one comment 
> that kind of rattled my manager went like this: rep 
> says, "Well SUN is changing there focus and has 
> layed off several of the Gridware staff and is now 
> down playing Gridware as a product." Could someone 
> please comment on this?

For reference:
http://supportforum.Sun.COM/cgi-bin/WebX.cgi 13 at 1
02.q68Baxx2ec9^0 at .ee8e727

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