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And nice try too Eric.  :) 
Your comments are not necessarily true either, the original idea to having a
cluster, be it beowulf or mosix etc was to be able to produce a "souper"
computer from older equipment or especially non bespoke equipment. 
With the march in technology, network and processor speed enhancements it is
true that you can pack more performance into 1U or 2U chassis, but in the
spirit of beowulfing, other companies or institutions want flexibility too,
i.e. desktop by daytime, dev batch cluster by night time.  If you create a
machine room full of bespoke 1U dual and quad machines, are you not creating
the essence of a super computer rather than a "souper" computer? 
One of the things my company does is to hire equipment, either desktop, rack
mount etc because dev projects or academia projects have a finite time
length.  Our business plan caters for those not wanting to buy and
having/not having onsite support etc. because they have their own guys. 
Don't be manipulated by people saying "But I'm of the opinion people usually
want.....". Keep your minds open guys..... 'cause they don't!  Clients in
the beowulf market don't usually want to be in a sterio typical mold, you'll
find they want to be treated as individuals with bespoke requirements and to
a certain extent they are and do have bespoke requirements....! 
Kind regards, 
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Nice try, Sam.  :) 
But I'm of the opinion people usually want to buy beowulf nodes from an 
established rackmount server vendor like  
my company...  particularly one 
that has a web presence and onsite service waranty. 
Eric Kuhnke 
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Datacenter Systems Inc. 
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Hi.  My name is Sam Harper, and I own a small system-building company 
in Alpharetta, Georgia called Distortion Limited.  
 We primarily build 
home computers and high-performance workstations, and are known by 
word of mouth.  I've been on this list for  
a year now, and I've 
watched people price shop for nodes on their Beowulfs.  Please excuse 
me for this offer, but I'm interested in  
helping anyone with their 
node requirements, and I feel fairly confident that I can offer a 
much better price than major competitors.  
 I sell AMD [SDR or DDR 
ram] and Intel [rambus or DDR ram] in both single and dual 
configurations, and in mid-tower or rackmount chassis.  
 I look 
forward to helping anyone with their node or server needs.  Thanks 
again for your time. 
Sam Harper 
mudguy at 
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