batch systems with job deps (afterok)

hanzl at hanzl at
Mon Oct 1 04:40:28 PDT 2001

> > Typically, previous invocation of 'make' would still run when I have
> > the next steps ready. Typing "make" again at this moment would cause
> > both copies to work on unfinished step (second make would not wait as
> > it should).
> ...
> Of course you change your algorithms.  But I have never worked with
> multiple revisions of code depending on results from other revisions.
> And I have never heard of anyone else (except you) doing so to such
> an extent.

OK, sadly enough I always (have to?) work this way, and yes, it is
horrible. So I am looking for better tools.

Now it seemes that "small" extension of parallel cluster make would be

 Make should discover that some targets are already being built (by
 previou invocations) and can be obtained by just waiting for them.

(Of course, there still should be some acceptable load balancing.)

- Would anybody else be happy to have make with this feature?

- Anybody is working on it?

- Anybody HAS it ???

Thanks for your comments and ideas


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